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Hindenburg Journalist is an incredibly accessible way to produce a podcast. But that doesn't mean there isn't a learning curve.

Like any software, you still have to learn how to use it.

In this course, we'll cut out as much of the confusion as possible so you don't have to search YouTube or ask in Facebook groups only to get confusing and conflicting information. Well take it in the order you need it so that it'll be easier to learn and retain.

We'll jump right in and start with a "watch over my shoulder" overview of how to record, mix & edit, and export or publish in Hindenburg Journalist - and you'll be able to work right along with me. 

In fact, you're encouraged to work along with us as you go because most of us work better that way. If you don't already have something to record and edit, that's not a problem. You'll find what you're looking for inside the course.

After that, you'll discover a number of resource videos showing how to do each of the things we covered in more detail so that you can dig in deeper or simply remind yourself of how to do that one specific thing.

If you want a clear path from "I installed Hindenburg Journalist" to "I published my episode" this course will get you there. 

Don't waste another minute searching YouTube or scanning Facebook groups and forums. Hop in and get going.

Click the button and sign up today.

Note: This course only covers features that are available in Hindenburg Journalist. It will work fine for Hindenburg Journalist Pro, but does not include any Pro-only features.

About Bryan Entzminger

Bryan Entzminger is a podcaster and podcast editor who believes that Hindenburg Journalist (or Journalist Pro) is the most accessible way for most podcasters to produce a professional quality show without a lot of confusion.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“I recently completed Bryan Entzminger’s Hindenburg Journalist Training course and can confidently say that whether you are a total novice or an intermediate user, Bryan's course has something for you. Bryan knows tips, tricks, shortcuts and the deeper functions of the software that even people who have been using it for several years (such as myself) don’t know. And for what you get, the price is surprisingly modest. It’s a great value and a great resource that you will want to go back to several times in order to get it all; there really is that much there.

Whether you are a total novice or an intermediate user, Bryan’s HJ training course will make you a better, more efficient and proficient editor.” ― Eric Alton-Glenn Hilliard - Twylo Zone Media
“I took the course and being a total beginner without even having downloaded Hindenburg yet, Bryan made me feel from the beginning that editing is something doable.

The thought of editing, mixing my podcast makes me more anxious than excited.

Bryan is excellent at eliminating the tech overwhelm I was feeling and making editing an easy and fun process.” ― Chrysa Stoiloudi
“I've bought the course, and already in the first 5 minutes of using the Mix & Edit session I have learned two key things I didn't know that will help me!” ― The Casual Birder Podcast
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